Forged in Paint

Imperium Games is proud to host our first Miniature painting competition – “Forged in Paint”. This is an online competition consisting of 4 rounds of weekly challenges where entrants will be put to the test each week. The start of the competition is the 1st of June 2020. You can also join the event on Facebook.

Each week will be themed around a topic and entries will be judged at the end of that week. A weekly winner will be chosen and win a R100 voucher to use at Imperium Games. Complete all  4 weeks of challenges and be entered into the final judging round of your final piece and stand a chance to win a R250 voucher to our store.

Forged in Paint is a single piece competition but includes 4 weekly sub-rounds of judging which follow your creative process. The topics for each week are as follows:

Week 1: Conversion – judged on creativity and uniqueness

Week 2: Basing – judged on interest and story

Week 3: Painting – judged on painting techniques

Week 4: Advanced techniques (weathering, freehand, osl, patterns, etc) – judged on contrast and how it brings the model together.

Entrants need not worry if they are unable to complete a week’s challenge in the allocated time and this does not disqualify you from continuing with the subsequent weekly challenges (though it will mean missing out on a chance at that week’s prize!) and final judging, though for the final entry the judges will still require seeing that each of the 4 weekly challenges have been completed in your final submission.

Before each week there will be a short breakdown posted on what the judges expect from each topic and a few links to videos for some inspiration.

To enter the competition we need a picture of your model before you start working on it (preferably still on the sprue) with a date stamp. You will then have a week to finish the first challenge and will be judged with all other contestants.

For each challenge, the judges require you to send 4 pictures from every angle of the model. Ensure the aspects of that week’s challenge are clearly visible.

The competition is open to South African residents only. Foreigners are welcome to join but only for the challenge and not the actual competition (unfortunately we are unable to ship internationally). No entry fees required for the competition.

Entrants must send their starting pictures, name and cell phone number by the 1st of June 2020 to

Judges: Charl Liebenberg

                Mieke Hough

                Ben Towse