This box includes ten 0-12 miniatures for use in Infinity the game.

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O-12 is an international representational and governing body, evolved from the UN, but with greater autonomy, capacity and decision-making power. Endowed with a tactical police branch, Bureau Aegis, O-12 is the arbiter, judge, and jury of the Human Sphere.

This box includes ten miniatures: Three Kappa Units with Combi Rifle, one Delta Unit with Killer Hacking Device, one Epsilon Unit with MULTI Sniper Rifle, one Gamma Unit with Feuerbach, one Gangbuster with Boarding Shotgun, one Betatrooper with MULTI Rifle, one Omega Trooper with HMG, and the special character Cuervo Goldstein with a Boarding Shotgun. The perfect box to start collecting and playing with O-12.


Box contains:

3x Kappa (Combi Rifle)
1x Delta Hacker (Killer Hacking Device) (Combi Rifle)
1x Epsilon (MULTI Sniper)
1x Gamma (Feuerbach)
1x Gangbuster (Boarding Shotgun)
1x Betatrooper (MULTI Rifle)
1x Omega (HMG)
1x Cuervo Goldstein (Boarding Shotgun)

* Miniatures require assembly and come unpainted


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